My Earliest Childhood Memory (edited version)

My earliest childhood memory that happened when I was in kindergarten is kind of difficult to understand, but it is one of my precious memories at the same time.

It was a snow day in the winter. The snows were everywhere. They looked like as if many snow cones lay down on the road. My mother and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant where it was about fifteen minutes away from my house by a car. Then we realized we didn’t have a car.

“Well, we cannot go there because we don’t have a car,” she said.

“No! I really want to go. I love the meat ball spaghettis!” I said.

“You mean you would not mind to walk on the cold snows?” she asked.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” I said.

So we decided to try to get there by walk. After we started walking, we realized how hard it was to do that on the snow. Doing that was actually way worse than we thought. Our feet were getting died. Obviously, I, 6-year-old, was almost crying. She started to carry me on her back and we restarted walking to get the restaurant.

I would call it our “long distance” trip.

We finally arrived the restaurant. We did high five and enjoyed the spaghettis.

“Yummm!” I said

“Yes it is!” she said.

I felt like it was the best spaghettis I had ever eaten.

My mother and I sometimes talk about it even now. We still wonder why we tried to do that. However, it was our special day.


Nov. 22nd 2013

My mind hasn’t been changed. I mean I have already selected my article topic: Why do ADHD people need clinical psychologists’ help? How do they live with the disorder? My goal for this Thanksgiving break is to interview a clinical psychologist and a person who has ADHD. I should make an appointment with them as soon as possible. Additionally, I am going to interview Ms. Pinson at my high school too because her job is to support the ADHD students. I think she will be able to cooperate with my paper for sure but, I am still worried if I could get a person who has ADHD because I feel like it’s kind of rude to ask “Do you have ADHD?” As you know I was raised in Japan where is “Asking someone about their disorder is inappropriate.” I will talk about it to her.

To get sources, I am going to go to the public library. There must be many books that are written about ADHD. For me, it’s easier to google for it than reading books because I could copy/paste on the web translator. However, I think that the information on the Internet can be false sometimes. That’s why I have to use the books.

My audience would be Ms. Katie, of course, and any people who have ADHD. Some of them may not know the reasons they are supported by clinical psychologist. My paper would be really interesting for them.

What creative technique will I use? I would love to put myself into my paper which means I will use first person account. I will add my opinion or how do I feel during the interviews.


About my research paper

Although I have a very strong passion to research for clinical psychologists and one of the three disorders as I mentioned on my last post, I have to have one more idea for just in case and the class on Wednesday. The other thing I am interested in is “advertisement”. This would be interesting as well. Actually, The ides would be easier to research for because it is not private as much as having a disorder is. Before I made an initial question, I did an informal research for advertisement. What I learned so far is there are many way to advertise such as TV, billboards, and coupons. I will make the final question if I will really research for advertisement.

In the meantime, I pay more attention for clinical psychology. I have always researched about it since I have been interested in. Therefore, I have some solid informations already. For me, choosing the topic means a lot. It will be helpful for my career in the future because I wanna be a clinical psychologist. Even if I would not be the one eventually, still the research will be helpful.

I cannot wait to start to do that. But here is an issue. What would I do if I will not find anyone who have those disorders or no one feels conformable to help me…?


What am I going to write about?

Since I have already decided what I am going to research about, I don’t need to list five ideas. I am very interested in psychology study. That is what I want to do with in the future. Therefore, my inquiry is…

“Why do people with epilepsy/ADHD/autism need a clinical psychologist’s help?” (I will pick one disorder from them eventually)

Isn’t only a doctor’s help enough? How do clinical psychologists help the patients? What their typical day like? What would their lives be like without any clinical psychologists? What are the differences between ADHD and non-attention/I-am-not-interested-in-it person? Are those disorders mental ills? Wait… What do clinical psychologists do, by the way? What are the differences between psychology and clinical psychology? How do the patients’ families feel about it? What kind of diagnosis do they use? Why are those disorders classified as psychological problem? 


Strawberries Are Not Fruit!

I know that many people would answer like, “strawberry!” if they were asked what their favorite fruit is. I guess children would say it is a fruit if they were asked whether strawberry is a fruit or not. It is because a strawberry looks like a fruit and tastes sweet. Additionally, according to the children book, My First Bilingual Book-Fruit, strawberries are classified as a fruit.

However strawberry is NOT a fruit. It is a perennial plant of rosasease. The definition of fruit is “In botany, a fruit is a part of a flowering plant that derives from specific tissues of the flower, one or more ovaries, and in some cases accessory tissues.” (Wikipedia) The definition of strawberry doesn’t follow it.

Many of you may think why it is well known as a fruit. The reason strawberries are often classified as a fruit is they can be used like a fruit. For example, they are used for dessert in many cases such as iced creams, jams, cakes, and syrup. Although they are not a fruit actually, they are eaten and used as if they are a fruit today.




Is a memoir 100% true?

If you write a memoir by using only your brain, in other word, your memory, it world be really challenge or very short. I don’t believe you can remember all things that has happened in your life. For example, did Solomon Northup really remember all days of twelve years? I don’t think so.

Anyway, I think that there are situations in which a writer tries to capture a story that he or she was not there to witness too. When writers are faced with the problem, they should ask the people who were there and research for it. However, I am not sure wether it is still a “memoir” if you use other’s voice. That’s why writing a memoir is harder than writing a fiction.

Even the memoir that is nominated as a bestseller can be fake. In class, we read A Million Little Pieces which was not even a memoir at all. The readers used to believe that it is a memoir. Therefore, I think that a writer is better not to capture a story that he or she was not there to witness.


Free Post (11-13-11)

Yey! It’s time to have Free Post!!
I know that memoirs and creative non-fictions are supposed to be about past. However, I don’t have anything else to write about my past anymore because I have done doing it through this semester in English class. Therefore, I am not going to write about my past. I am going to write about the relationship between my brother and me instead.
I love him so much. I don’t have anyone whom I love as much as I love him. Ever since he has moved to the United Sates, he goes back to Japan to see our grand parents for about two months every summer. That’s good for him and bad for me because I miss him while he is there. Even though I know I would be able to see him after summer gone, I am sad and feel lost. I really don’t know what I would do without him. I love him so much literally. I thank God for letting me have the nicest brother in the world.
Here is an issue. I will leave this city in seven months to go to college. Although I will be still in Louisiana I will miss him!! I know that I will definitely not be able to see him every single day. SoSoSoSo sad. Extremely. That’s why I am asking my parents if they will get an iPhone for him. I wanna keep in touch with him every day by texting messages.
Now, I make myself to stop writing. Otherwise this post would be 100 pages long.