My Earliest Childhood Memory (edited version)

My earliest childhood memory that happened when I was in kindergarten is kind of difficult to understand, but it is one of my precious memories at the same time.

It was a snow day in the winter. The snows were everywhere. They looked like as if many snow cones lay down on the road. My mother and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant where it was about fifteen minutes away from my house by a car. Then we realized we didn’t have a car.

“Well, we cannot go there because we don’t have a car,” she said.

“No! I really want to go. I love the meat ball spaghettis!” I said.

“You mean you would not mind to walk on the cold snows?” she asked.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” I said.

So we decided to try to get there by walk. After we started walking, we realized how hard it was to do that on the snow. Doing that was actually way worse than we thought. Our feet were getting died. Obviously, I, 6-year-old, was almost crying. She started to carry me on her back and we restarted walking to get the restaurant.

I would call it our “long distance” trip.

We finally arrived the restaurant. We did high five and enjoyed the spaghettis.

“Yummm!” I said

“Yes it is!” she said.

I felt like it was the best spaghettis I had ever eaten.

My mother and I sometimes talk about it even now. We still wonder why we tried to do that. However, it was our special day.


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