Nov. 22nd 2013

My mind hasn’t been changed. I mean I have already selected my article topic: Why do ADHD people need clinical psychologists’ help? How do they live with the disorder? My goal for this Thanksgiving break is to interview a clinical psychologist and a person who has ADHD. I should make an appointment with them as soon as possible. Additionally, I am going to interview Ms. Pinson at my high school too because her job is to support the ADHD students. I think she will be able to cooperate with my paper for sure but, I am still worried if I could get a person who has ADHD because I feel like it’s kind of rude to ask “Do you have ADHD?” As you know I was raised in Japan where is “Asking someone about their disorder is inappropriate.” I will talk about it to her.

To get sources, I am going to go to the public library. There must be many books that are written about ADHD. For me, it’s easier to google for it than reading books because I could copy/paste on the web translator. However, I think that the information on the Internet can be false sometimes. That’s why I have to use the books.

My audience would be Ms. Katie, of course, and any people who have ADHD. Some of them may not know the reasons they are supported by clinical psychologist. My paper would be really interesting for them.

What creative technique will I use? I would love to put myself into my paper which means I will use first person account. I will add my opinion or how do I feel during the interviews.


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