About my research paper

Although I have a very strong passion to research for clinical psychologists and one of the three disorders as I mentioned on my last post, I have to have one more idea for just in case and the class on Wednesday. The other thing I am interested in is “advertisement”. This would be interesting as well. Actually, The ides would be easier to research for because it is not private as much as having a disorder is. Before I made an initial question, I did an informal research for advertisement. What I learned so far is there are many way to advertise such as TV, billboards, and coupons. I will make the final question if I will really research for advertisement.

In the meantime, I pay more attention for clinical psychology. I have always researched about it since I have been interested in. Therefore, I have some solid informations already. For me, choosing the topic means a lot. It will be helpful for my career in the future because I wanna be a clinical psychologist. Even if I would not be the one eventually, still the research will be helpful.

I cannot wait to start to do that. But here is an issue. What would I do if I will not find anyone who have those disorders or no one feels conformable to help me…?


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