What am I going to write about?

Since I have already decided what I am going to research about, I don’t need to list five ideas. I am very interested in psychology study. That is what I want to do with in the future. Therefore, my inquiry is…

“Why do people with epilepsy/ADHD/autism need a clinical psychologist’s help?” (I will pick one disorder from them eventually)

Isn’t only a doctor’s help enough? How do clinical psychologists help the patients? What their typical day like? What would their lives be like without any clinical psychologists? What are the differences between ADHD and non-attention/I-am-not-interested-in-it person? Are those disorders mental ills? Wait… What do clinical psychologists do, by the way? What are the differences between psychology and clinical psychology? How do the patients’ families feel about it? What kind of diagnosis do they use? Why are those disorders classified as psychological problem? 


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