Strawberries Are Not Fruit!

I know that many people would answer like, “strawberry!” if they were asked what their favorite fruit is. I guess children would say it is a fruit if they were asked whether strawberry is a fruit or not. It is because a strawberry looks like a fruit and tastes sweet. Additionally, according to the children book, My First Bilingual Book-Fruit, strawberries are classified as a fruit.

However strawberry is NOT a fruit. It is a perennial plant of rosasease. The definition of fruit is “In botany, a fruit is a part of a flowering plant that derives from specific tissues of the flower, one or more ovaries, and in some cases accessory tissues.” (Wikipedia) The definition of strawberry doesn’t follow it.

Many of you may think why it is well known as a fruit. The reason strawberries are often classified as a fruit is they can be used like a fruit. For example, they are used for dessert in many cases such as iced creams, jams, cakes, and syrup. Although they are not a fruit actually, they are eaten and used as if they are a fruit today.



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