I read The Boulevard student magazine!

After I skimmed the whole of the magazine, I picked Robert’s article to read in-depth because I thought it was related to me . It was about changing school and the first day of school.

I like his article. I found some good techniques to write a creative non-fiction. For example, he described his feeling to his old school. This is a part of important things to make his article better. In English class, I learned that adding some your background before you start to write a main part makes your creative non-fiction better.

I also found nice quotations from his article. I can see how much he was nervous in the first day of school by reading these: “M-m-m-m-Michel” and “Y-y-yesir”. Explaining is not the only way to describe your feelings. You can use nice quotations like his to do that.

“It was the first day of school” He added this on the end of the article instead of adding it on the begging of the article. I think it is cool.


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