My peers

I intended to write my memoir very seriously. I actually did. I wrote it to show the readers how much stressed I am to do everything in English. However, they were laughing as they read my memoir yesterday. Of course, they were not making fun of it. They said it was amazing and nice, but I was just surprised because I consider it as a “serious” memoir. 

Anyway, I learned many things at the time. They suggested me to add more of my life in Japan such as my old school and why I decided to move to here. I will add my background to my memoir for final. This is what the all of three reviewers suggested me to do. They also found grammar and spelling issues so I will correct them and take their advices.

I read two my classmates’ memoirs too. They were really good. John used neat dialogues. And Bethany’s made me almost cry. It was heartwarming. I will use their techniques to refers to write a better memoir.

Thank you, John, Bethany, and Baylee:)


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