abt. my memoir

Before Ms. Katie distributed the description of the assignment, I had already had an idea what I would write about because I had known that I would have to write a memoir eventually. I have wanted to write about my life in the United States. My life has changed dramatically since I came here. It was July 2011. I was sixteen.

I am going to focus on what I have learned from Americans, what I have struggled with, and the differences between Japan and America. Usually, I am exhausted to write five pages long paper. However, I am so excited to do that this time because I have so much things to write. Moving into another county is a big deal.

My readers will enjoy to read my memoir even if they haven’t been through the same experience because I will make it very interesting. My purpose is making them want to go to another country. Totally different country. Like America and Japan. I want to let them know that doing it is “very fun”!


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