You are the best orthodontist ever!

Dear my orthodontist

I feel so miserable. My teeth are sore. I have been having exhausted life for five months because of my braces. I know I know. It’s not your fault. Usually, having braces causes the same thing. I am writing this letter to let you know my anger to you.

Before I got my braces, you gave me two choices. The one is extraction and the other is non-extraction. The reason why you recommended me to get extraction is my teeth were overbite. If there was not any room, my teeth could not become looking nicer. However, you gave me the non-extraction option as well. So did I. I chose that plan because I was afraid of pulling my teeth off and the extraction plan costs more and takes longer time. Why did you give me two options? How will those two totally different plans become the same teeth eventually? I mean why didn’t you explain me minutely? How could I know which option was better to me? Am I an orthodontist? I feel like I am wasting time and money. GIVE ME BACK MY $5,000.

One more thing. You are NOT good at using glue. You put the glue between my teeth by mistake. That’s why the two teeth hadn’t changed before you took off it. Apologize!

Someone told me that you went to school for many years after college to study about braces. Did you really.

I cannot wait to take my braces off.

“You are the best orthodontist ever!”


Your best patient, Sonoko


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