My precious memory

It was September 2012, right after the summer was gone my brother and I went to the theme park in Louisiana. Although it is not the hugest theme park I’ve ever been it still looks exciting for us. There is a pool, water slides, roller coasters, and so many rides.

I love riding on roller coasters. I love getting a thrill out of speeding on them. So I asked him if he could ride on the roller coaster with me.

“Noo!”-he said.

“Why!? It’s fun. Ride on it with me!”- I said.

Our debate like that continued for a couple minutes. I tried to make him to ride on it. Finally, he decided to do that! He looked scared. I looked excited. When we got on the top of the coaster, I closed my eyes. I was ready to go! I was ready to fell!

“Ohhhh my gooood!”- we screamed. We sounded like we were scared.

After the roller coaster finished moving, we looked at each other. We both looked like we were died.

“It was scary”-I said.

“Yes, it was”-he said.

We were glad not to throw up.


One thought on “My precious memory

  1. This is so cute Sonoko! Im glad you had fun, and you and your brother seem to be really funny. I know exactly how you guys felt because i have been to Blue Bayou and i felt like i wanted to throw up many times after riding the rides…. great post!

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