My peers

I intended to write my memoir very seriously. I actually did. I wrote it to show the readers how much stressed I am to do everything in English. However, they were laughing as they read my memoir yesterday. Of course, they were not making fun of it. They said it was amazing and nice, but I was just surprised because I consider it as a “serious” memoir. 

Anyway, I learned many things at the time. They suggested me to add more of my life in Japan such as my old school and why I decided to move to here. I will add my background to my memoir for final. This is what the all of three reviewers suggested me to do. They also found grammar and spelling issues so I will correct them and take their advices.

I read two my classmates’ memoirs too. They were really good. John used neat dialogues. And Bethany’s made me almost cry. It was heartwarming. I will use their techniques to refers to write a better memoir.

Thank you, John, Bethany, and Baylee:)


abt. my memoir

Before Ms. Katie distributed the description of the assignment, I had already had an idea what I would write about because I had known that I would have to write a memoir eventually. I have wanted to write about my life in the United States. My life has changed dramatically since I came here. It was July 2011. I was sixteen.

I am going to focus on what I have learned from Americans, what I have struggled with, and the differences between Japan and America. Usually, I am exhausted to write five pages long paper. However, I am so excited to do that this time because I have so much things to write. Moving into another county is a big deal.

My readers will enjoy to read my memoir even if they haven’t been through the same experience because I will make it very interesting. My purpose is making them want to go to another country. Totally different country. Like America and Japan. I want to let them know that doing it is “very fun”!


How to survive awful days?

That will be okay if I have the worse day ever. I will feel happy with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel that smell so good. No matter what happens, I can survive miserable days with them. Whenever I am angry, worried, sad, and overwhelmed I do these five steps:

1) Take off clothes

2) Turn on the hot water

3) Pour it over myself

4) Wash my hair with shampoo that smells so so good

5) Wash my body with shower gel that smells so so good

Now, you feel better!

You feel refreshed!

You smell yummy!


Share my memoir with my brother

I am disappointed by my brother’s reaction to my memoir. His memory totally differs from mine. When I asked him to tell about the day we hang out, he started talking about a different ride. He didn’t remember the moment when we rode the specific one. I don’t blame him though because it was a year ago. I am pretty sure my memory is true.

In my English class we learned how humans couldn’t remember all of their memories very vividly. That’s why I think writing a “memoir” is difficult. Human’s brain is limited. I don’t believe all writing Solomon did is true. How could we remember all days for twelve years!?!?


My precious memory

It was September 2012, right after the summer was gone my brother and I went to the theme park in Louisiana. Although it is not the hugest theme park I’ve ever been it still looks exciting for us. There is a pool, water slides, roller coasters, and so many rides.

I love riding on roller coasters. I love getting a thrill out of speeding on them. So I asked him if he could ride on the roller coaster with me.

“Noo!”-he said.

“Why!? It’s fun. Ride on it with me!”- I said.

Our debate like that continued for a couple minutes. I tried to make him to ride on it. Finally, he decided to do that! He looked scared. I looked excited. When we got on the top of the coaster, I closed my eyes. I was ready to go! I was ready to fell!

“Ohhhh my gooood!”- we screamed. We sounded like we were scared.

After the roller coaster finished moving, we looked at each other. We both looked like we were died.

“It was scary”-I said.

“Yes, it was”-he said.

We were glad not to throw up.


You are the best orthodontist ever!

Dear my orthodontist

I feel so miserable. My teeth are sore. I have been having exhausted life for five months because of my braces. I know I know. It’s not your fault. Usually, having braces causes the same thing. I am writing this letter to let you know my anger to you.

Before I got my braces, you gave me two choices. The one is extraction and the other is non-extraction. The reason why you recommended me to get extraction is my teeth were overbite. If there was not any room, my teeth could not become looking nicer. However, you gave me the non-extraction option as well. So did I. I chose that plan because I was afraid of pulling my teeth off and the extraction plan costs more and takes longer time. Why did you give me two options? How will those two totally different plans become the same teeth eventually? I mean why didn’t you explain me minutely? How could I know which option was better to me? Am I an orthodontist? I feel like I am wasting time and money. GIVE ME BACK MY $5,000.

One more thing. You are NOT good at using glue. You put the glue between my teeth by mistake. That’s why the two teeth hadn’t changed before you took off it. Apologize!

Someone told me that you went to school for many years after college to study about braces. Did you really.

I cannot wait to take my braces off.

“You are the best orthodontist ever!”


Your best patient, Sonoko


Sounds like North is heaven and South is hell(through pg.55)

Before talking about the quote on pg.40, I would like to mention about the book so far.

Is Northup stupid? I don’t understand why he decided to go to trip with Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton. If he didn’t do that, he would not have awful time for twelve years.

As I said on title, I feel like North is heaven and South is hell. They are totally different. New York, where he spent his life before he became a slave, was so nice to live because there was not slave-slavor system. He lived with his family with happiness. However, in South, there were anything that North didn’t have such as violence and racism.

“Let not those who have been…”

Basically, Northup describes how he felt at the time. Since the book, Twelve Year Salve is a memoir he has written his feeling very specifically. You can see how much he was afraid of those days from this part: “Until they have been chained and beaten– until they find themselves in the situation I was, borne away from home and family towards a land of bondage.” He was depressed.