FNL pg. 38-69

It’ barely easy for me to choose one quotation to ruminate on from the book, Friday Night Light because I feel like I wanna mention something for every single sentence. Therefore, I chose three quotations.

1) “The war against Perot escalated quickly. The booster club geared up a letter-writing campaign to him…” (Pg. 42)

This quotation shows how much people in Odessa are proud of Permian. You can see that they are so obsessed with the high school football. The reason why I think the quotation is very significant for the book is because it shows exactly what the people is like. I assume that Bissinger chose it for the same reason.

2) “He had pushed Boobie in football and prodded him and refused to let him quit. He did it because he loved him.” (Pg. 57)

First of all, I am surprised because of the fact that Boobie actually didn’t decide to start to play football by himself. I had had an opposite idea before I have started reading the book. The quotation is involved with L.V. Miles’s background. He wanted to play football but the dream didn’t come true. That’s why he made Boobie to play it. I think this wouldn’t have happened if there were not racial problem. If L.V. were white, he would had played it. You can see that there were the problem between white and black in Odessa.

3) “If Permian was to go to State,… than Mike Minchell at quarterback.” (Pg. 69)

You can see how much Boobie is important to the players. I think that Bissinger put the quotation to emphasize him as one of the most important players in the high school. I can definitely say Permian is depends on him.


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