My profile

hmmm… I have not accomplished anything yet. I planned on profiling Alexis H because I thought she was the best person for me to profile. She dances, works, and a college student. There are so many things that I can profile her for the “lens”. That’s why I had been excited to do the assignment. However, there was one issue. Her ballet studio cannot let me to visit them because I am not a member. I was very disappointed. I wanted to observe her dancing. She and I were trying to figure out what else I could still observe her but we didn’t find one. 

Last week, I wrote on this blog that I would profile either Alexis, Chef Pad, or EHS school counselors. That means I still have people whom I can profile instead of Alexis. However, I have changed my mind. I want to profile someone who is a student and play sports. I think Leah C, a senior at EHS, could be the best person for my profile. She plays gymnastic and a smart student. I will ask her if she is okay. 

So, the due is coming up soon. I have to put myself XD omg! 


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