3 ideas for profile interviewing

I am a very curious people. I think I have an ability to observe people. So, I will do well on interviewing to write a profile. I am going to list the people and the group which I prefer to interview.

1)Alexis H

She graduated from Episcopal high school last year. It is gonna be really interesting if I interview her as a freshman in college, a worker at fast casual restaurant, and a ballerina. Especially, I would like to focus on her as a ballerina. I know she is not seeking to be a professional ballerina, but I also know that she has practiced everyday for long time as well. She teaches to little kids too. I wanna know why she has a strong passion to ballet. I would visit to the place where she practices and watch her doing it if she is ok with that.

2)Chef Pad

He is a chef of EHS cafeteria. For “lens”, I would ask him how he likes being it. I know he cares much about the cafeteria food because whenever he sees the students, he always asks them like “did you have a good meal?”. I only know him as a chef. I would need to know more about him as a, for instance, dad or husband or a man to write a good profile.

3)EHS school counselor

As far as I know, there are three school counselors at EHS. I would like to interview them as a group. Not individually. For “lens”, I would like to know what specifically their jobs are and what their goals are. All I already know are: counseling, helping for LD students, and announcing for clubs. However, I can guess there are more thing they do. So I would have to ask a lot.



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