The article abt Nick Saban

I didn’t know about Nick Saban at all. I hadn’t even heard his name before. Therefore, I got interested in who he was before I started reading the article, Sympathy for the Devil. I thought he was a very nice human being like a star because he is a famous football coach and he is written in the article. However, actually, he is not that nice. I learned about him as a difficult person. Not simple one. For example, even though his team won, he grumbled like “That damn game cost me a week of recruiting.” I think he should have been just satisfied about the game. In addition, I need to quote this: “He once stepped over a convulsing player after practice without acknowledging his presence” to explain how uncool he is as a coach.

However, he is an eager coach as well. I learned that he does not instruct the players for money. He has rejected attempts to lure him back to the NFL where he could easily earn more. You can also see his eagerness from this quotation: “While the Crimson Tide players are back home or taking summer class, Saban is hosting 1,000 football players under the age 15.”


What is your style to be a football coach?

How do you dislike about being called Evil?

Are you proud of being a coach?

How do you think about to win?

How do you describe about yourself?




One thought on “The article abt Nick Saban

  1. Great post Sonoko! You are exactly right, he is not a good person at all. How do you just walk over a convulsing player without caring enough to even call for help or something? Thats ridiculous. I like how you mentioned that he is a good football coach and that is true, but do you believe that his good coaching skills outweigh his bad people skills?

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