FNL pg. 38-69

It’ barely easy for me to choose one quotation to ruminate on from the book, Friday Night Light because I feel like I wanna mention something for every single sentence. Therefore, I chose three quotations.

1) “The war against Perot escalated quickly. The booster club geared up a letter-writing campaign to him…” (Pg. 42)

This quotation shows how much people in Odessa are proud of Permian. You can see that they are so obsessed with the high school football. The reason why I think the quotation is very significant for the book is because it shows exactly what the people is like. I assume that Bissinger chose it for the same reason.

2) “He had pushed Boobie in football and prodded him and refused to let him quit. He did it because he loved him.” (Pg. 57)

First of all, I am surprised because of the fact that Boobie actually didn’t decide to start to play football by himself. I had had an opposite idea before I have started reading the book. The quotation is involved with L.V. Miles’s background. He wanted to play football but the dream didn’t come true. That’s why he made Boobie to play it. I think this wouldn’t have happened if there were not racial problem. If L.V. were white, he would had played it. You can see that there were the problem between white and black in Odessa.

3) “If Permian was to go to State,… than Mike Minchell at quarterback.” (Pg. 69)

You can see how much Boobie is important to the players. I think that Bissinger put the quotation to emphasize him as one of the most important players in the high school. I can definitely say Permian is depends on him.


My profile

hmmm… I have not accomplished anything yet. I planned on profiling Alexis H because I thought she was the best person for me to profile. She dances, works, and a college student. There are so many things that I can profile her for the “lens”. That’s why I had been excited to do the assignment. However, there was one issue. Her ballet studio cannot let me to visit them because I am not a member. I was very disappointed. I wanted to observe her dancing. She and I were trying to figure out what else I could still observe her but we didn’t find one. 

Last week, I wrote on this blog that I would profile either Alexis, Chef Pad, or EHS school counselors. That means I still have people whom I can profile instead of Alexis. However, I have changed my mind. I want to profile someone who is a student and play sports. I think Leah C, a senior at EHS, could be the best person for my profile. She plays gymnastic and a smart student. I will ask her if she is okay. 

So, the due is coming up soon. I have to put myself XD omg! 


THE cutest disney commercial EVER!!

Yaaay! I am thrilled with “free post”. I love the time when I think what I will write for it. I love to read other students’ free posts as well because each of them are so unique and interesting.
By the way, I attached a very cute Disney commercial video. Basically, it is representing the common life of women. A baby, a kid, a teenager, dating with a man, getting married, having a kid, and becoming an old woman. Namely, Disney is trying to say whatever happens to your life they will be always with you.
I have so many feelings to the video. Why can’t you just stay a little girl? Why are people growing up? The video inspired me but, it makes me sad at the same time.
Enjoy it:)


3 ideas for profile interviewing

I am a very curious people. I think I have an ability to observe people. So, I will do well on interviewing to write a profile. I am going to list the people and the group which I prefer to interview.

1)Alexis H

She graduated from Episcopal high school last year. It is gonna be really interesting if I interview her as a freshman in college, a worker at fast casual restaurant, and a ballerina. Especially, I would like to focus on her as a ballerina. I know she is not seeking to be a professional ballerina, but I also know that she has practiced everyday for long time as well. She teaches to little kids too. I wanna know why she has a strong passion to ballet. I would visit to the place where she practices and watch her doing it if she is ok with that.

2)Chef Pad

He is a chef of EHS cafeteria. For “lens”, I would ask him how he likes being it. I know he cares much about the cafeteria food because whenever he sees the students, he always asks them like “did you have a good meal?”. I only know him as a chef. I would need to know more about him as a, for instance, dad or husband or a man to write a good profile.

3)EHS school counselor

As far as I know, there are three school counselors at EHS. I would like to interview them as a group. Not individually. For “lens”, I would like to know what specifically their jobs are and what their goals are. All I already know are: counseling, helping for LD students, and announcing for clubs. However, I can guess there are more thing they do. So I would have to ask a lot.



My Dream

Since I am a senior officially, it has been time to think about thoughtfully what I want to do in the future. Majority of typical seniors might think about “college” because we are facing to the applications. However, I am going to write about a job I desire to do in the future. I want to be a clinical psychologist/counselor. I really wanna be one because I am interested in mental problems and I like to talk to people in person. I really would like to share persons’ worries and emotional/mental problems and lead them to happier life. I don’t know much about psychology because I haven’t studied for it yet, but I feel like I can be a good clinical psychologist. It’s because I am not perfect. I don’t believe that the perfect people can be a good one. If I were perfect, I would not understand why a patient worries so much. Thanks God for not making me perfect human being:) I don’t know about American official clinical psychology rule. In Japan, you have to graduate from grad school. So I will. That sounds tough but I can try. So…to achieve the dream I have to work for “college applications” first…..lol!!

By the way, I love thins type of blog post. I am enjoying to read others’ mind that are not involved in English class book at all. I will be having fun to leave my comment on their blogs.


The article abt Nick Saban

I didn’t know about Nick Saban at all. I hadn’t even heard his name before. Therefore, I got interested in who he was before I started reading the article, Sympathy for the Devil. I thought he was a very nice human being like a star because he is a famous football coach and he is written in the article. However, actually, he is not that nice. I learned about him as a difficult person. Not simple one. For example, even though his team won, he grumbled like “That damn game cost me a week of recruiting.” I think he should have been just satisfied about the game. In addition, I need to quote this: “He once stepped over a convulsing player after practice without acknowledging his presence” to explain how uncool he is as a coach.

However, he is an eager coach as well. I learned that he does not instruct the players for money. He has rejected attempts to lure him back to the NFL where he could easily earn more. You can also see his eagerness from this quotation: “While the Crimson Tide players are back home or taking summer class, Saban is hosting 1,000 football players under the age 15.”


What is your style to be a football coach?

How do you dislike about being called Evil?

Are you proud of being a coach?

How do you think about to win?

How do you describe about yourself?