6 word memoir

This is what I always say.
I say it before I even say “I am home”.


3 thoughts on “6 word memoir

  1. Haha Sonoko, I love your memoir! I really enjoyed watching this because I can definitely relate with you. What is a dish that your mom makes that your really like?

    • Max, Thank you for enjoying my video. My favorite dish that my mom make is definitely japanese dish. Especially, teriyaki chicken! That’s makes me happy! I am glad that there is a people who relates with me 🙂

  2. Love it Sonoko!
    Like Max, I can definitely relate to your memoir. Food is always on my brain, especially after school. All that studying makes me hungry!
    Breakfast food is my favorite, but I love to eat at night…so that means breakfast for dinner for me! Yummy

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