My initial impressions to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

So far, I am ok with the book, “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”. I mean I guessed the book could be boring before I started reading it because I am not interested in football. Actually, the book is not that bad!

I learned what good memoir that sold well is. The author, Bissinger describes everything happened in the season very specifically. He describes the players’ feelings, behaviors, and even atmospheres! Therefore, readers can image these things while they read the book. I also like the way Bissinger quotes. Although he doesn’t quote many, you can still get the players’ actual thoughts precisely. Overall, I like his writing style. Whenever he describes the players’ feelings, he doesn’t hesitate to write curse word. That’s good though. Because the book is memoir. Memoir should be real.

I am engaged in Mike Winchell. I cannot wait to see how his mind will be changing.



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