Oral History Project

For Oral History Project, I am going to interview my school counselor, Ms. P. Her “war” was when her nephew was in Afghanistan as a member of the Marines Corps. I think my project is going to be very interesting because it’s gonna be based on her point of view and his point of view. In other words, my project is going to contain two people’s histories.

I haven’t interviewed her yet. However, I can expect that her responds will be more emotional than general guess. If people whom I love joined to a war, I would be scared. I researched about the country and the Marines Corps. There were a lot of informations that made me shocked. For example, some soldiers have died because of the war.

I haven’t interviewed anyone formally such as using a voice recorder. So, I am very excited and cannot get started to interview her. I think doing the Oral History Project is not as hard as doing research papers or any kind of English papers. It’s because our English teacher says that there are not any rules to write the project. You can quote a lot if you want to.

I hope my project will go well!!!


2 thoughts on “Oral History Project

  1. Hey Sonoko! I really like that you chose someone who has been in an actual war because so am I. Your project is going to be interesting especially since your Oral History Project will contain two characters narratives. That is definitely going to be a challenge, are you nervous about that? But I wouldn’t stress, your story will be great!

  2. Ashley, thanks for your comment! I was enjoyed interviewing Ms. P. I learned many things that I didn’t used to know. Being in an actual war is much harder than I imaged. Someday, I will be reading your paper! See you later:)

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