I took an informal poll of my friends and adults about Creative Nonfiction(CNF). When I asked six people what CNF they have read, their first reaction was like, “What…? I don’t remember… Wait… Ummmm.” All of them didn’t answer my question smoothly. Actually, I expected that responds because If I were asked the same question, I wouldn’t have no idea either. However, eventually, they told me their favorite CNF.

I am going to write the titles of the books they have read as follows.

Ms. Young: Nine lives

Ms. Kennard: 1776

Ms. Nancy: The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks 

Ms. Reynolds: Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

They told me why they have read these books and how they like them. Some of them explained the contents of the book. I was surprised that they remembered it clearly once they remembered the title of the books.

I think taking an informal poll is the easy way to research what people actually read CNF.


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