Have you hired an English major yet?

I am surprised that many companies actually desire to hire English majors. According to the article, I am really differentiated if I understand humanities. Also, it mentions that the English majors are drilled to learn communication skills, writing skills, researching skills, and empathy. Those skills are very helpful in many ways once you are hired. I feel like I am very lucky because they are what we are going to learn in English IV class. The article says that the English majors have the ability of empathy because they read a lot of fictions. Our class is memoir which means we are not going to read any fictions. However, I think true story still can make us the people who have the ability. I strongly agree with this sentence, “We place a great value on a STEM education (degrees in since, technology, engineering and mathematics).” We are needed to have the degrees too. I think we should not be a student who has the STEM skills ONLY or English skills ONLY.

I am 90% sure not to take an English major at college. Therefore, taking English IV class this year is gonna be extremely meaningful for me. As the article says, English majors have learned to speak well, read well, and have extensive vocabulary. I will be able to learn these skills this year. They are important.

I didn’t know that writing skills make writing an advertisement or an email campaign better. Even describing of products! How nice majoring in English is!


2 thoughts on “Have you hired an English major yet?

  1. Hi Sonoko!
    I was also surprised when I read that companies are seeking those with English majors. However, once I thought about it, it made sense. Employers want to hire people with a varied set of skills, not just one skill. Sure there are some jobs, like in the sciences, where focusing on one skill is extremely important, but the majority of jobs require more than just that one skill. English IV should be a great way to learn the skills mentioned if you’re not going to major in English. We’re already on our way to acquiring them!

    • Hi Caithly!
      Thank you for leaving your comment. Your comment is exactly what I am trying to say about the article. Having more than two skills sounds better. I am very happy to take English IV because we are being able to learn a lot of things!
      See you around:)

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