6 word memoir

This is what I always say.
I say it before I even say “I am home”.


My initial impressions to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

So far, I am ok with the book, “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”. I mean I guessed the book could be boring before I started reading it because I am not interested in football. Actually, the book is not that bad!

I learned what good memoir that sold well is. The author, Bissinger describes everything happened in the season very specifically. He describes the players’ feelings, behaviors, and even atmospheres! Therefore, readers can image these things while they read the book. I also like the way Bissinger quotes. Although he doesn’t quote many, you can still get the players’ actual thoughts precisely. Overall, I like his writing style. Whenever he describes the players’ feelings, he doesn’t hesitate to write curse word. That’s good though. Because the book is memoir. Memoir should be real.

I am engaged in Mike Winchell. I cannot wait to see how his mind will be changing.



Oral History Project

For Oral History Project, I am going to interview my school counselor, Ms. P. Her “war” was when her nephew was in Afghanistan as a member of the Marines Corps. I think my project is going to be very interesting because it’s gonna be based on her point of view and his point of view. In other words, my project is going to contain two people’s histories.

I haven’t interviewed her yet. However, I can expect that her responds will be more emotional than general guess. If people whom I love joined to a war, I would be scared. I researched about the country and the Marines Corps. There were a lot of informations that made me shocked. For example, some soldiers have died because of the war.

I haven’t interviewed anyone formally such as using a voice recorder. So, I am very excited and cannot get started to interview her. I think doing the Oral History Project is not as hard as doing research papers or any kind of English papers. It’s because our English teacher says that there are not any rules to write the project. You can quote a lot if you want to.

I hope my project will go well!!!



I took an informal poll of my friends and adults about Creative Nonfiction(CNF). When I asked six people what CNF they have read, their first reaction was like, “What…? I don’t remember… Wait… Ummmm.” All of them didn’t answer my question smoothly. Actually, I expected that responds because If I were asked the same question, I wouldn’t have no idea either. However, eventually, they told me their favorite CNF.

I am going to write the titles of the books they have read as follows.

Ms. Young: Nine lives

Ms. Kennard: 1776

Ms. Nancy: The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks 

Ms. Reynolds: Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

They told me why they have read these books and how they like them. Some of them explained the contents of the book. I was surprised that they remembered it clearly once they remembered the title of the books.

I think taking an informal poll is the easy way to research what people actually read CNF.


Have you hired an English major yet?

I am surprised that many companies actually desire to hire English majors. According to the article, I am really differentiated if I understand humanities. Also, it mentions that the English majors are drilled to learn communication skills, writing skills, researching skills, and empathy. Those skills are very helpful in many ways once you are hired. I feel like I am very lucky because they are what we are going to learn in English IV class. The article says that the English majors have the ability of empathy because they read a lot of fictions. Our class is memoir which means we are not going to read any fictions. However, I think true story still can make us the people who have the ability. I strongly agree with this sentence, “We place a great value on a STEM education (degrees in since, technology, engineering and mathematics).” We are needed to have the degrees too. I think we should not be a student who has the STEM skills ONLY or English skills ONLY.

I am 90% sure not to take an English major at college. Therefore, taking English IV class this year is gonna be extremely meaningful for me. As the article says, English majors have learned to speak well, read well, and have extensive vocabulary. I will be able to learn these skills this year. They are important.

I didn’t know that writing skills make writing an advertisement or an email campaign better. Even describing of products! How nice majoring in English is!


August 13, 2013

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to post my blog for the first time. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Sonoko. I am form Japan and came to America two years ago. I like food, watching movies, listening to music, and watching people. Especially, I like food. I was in cheese club when I was in 10th grade and I was in baking club last year. I am not English native speaker. So I am struggling with reading English. However, I am glad to take this memoir class as my last English class at high school. It’s because I like to read true stories rather than fictions. Fictions are “creative” story which means sometimes they are too exaggerated but, memoirs are based on things that are actually happened. Therefore, I could share the authors’ feelings. One more thing I like about English class is that listening to other students’ opinions. I think doing it is very important to improve your English skill even though sometimes you cannot agree with someone’s opinion. Sharing what others think can make your ability of thinking better. So I am expecting us to listen each others very carefully. It means respect each others. I remember that some of my classmates expect to have fun in class. I like the expectation because you would be bored if there will be nothing fun. “We should focus! We should have fun!” It sounds good. Doesn’t it? I have not been nervous about anything yet. When I am, I will ask a question to Ms. K and my classmates. I am gonna make my English IV class the best class EVER! 🙂

See you soon:):)